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KillYourIdols Sneakers

Limited Edition 01-08

Idol: Wu-Tang


Designed & Handcrafted in Istanbul.

Premium Leather Footwear for Killer Boys.

60 years of mastery.

The inner and outer surfaces are leather only.

Guaranteeing quality, durability and user health.

Designs, colors, lasts, dyes and details are exclusively KillYourIdols® World.


Uniquely Created in Istanbul

Wu-Tang Sneaker Black

  • Hip-Hop Serie

    Created by the Turkish designer Sedat Yazici,

    The "Hip-Hop Series'' from KillYourIdols is a uniqueness and timeless piece.

    Handcrafted & Handpainted in Turkey with an exceptionnal leather,

    the killer sneakers are cool and belong to street culture.

  • Materials

    Outer Surface, Inner Surface & Insole: 100% Vegan Leather

    Sole: 100% Thermo

    Accessories: White Logo Embroidery, Silver Brass Metal, Silver Stainless Chain, White Logo Prints.