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Antagonist -the enemy within us- is our personal driving force.
The aggression of Antagonist will only be as relentless as the grade of our responsibility.
Antagonist measures us, shows us what we are, realises us... The more freedom we have, the more deceitful is its effectiveness.
Don't fear Antagonist!
Your greatest ally, your most loyal servant hides behind a veil of cruelty.
The sole purpose of Antagonist is your victory.
Antagonist exploits every tool, executes every strategy for the benefit of your integrity, the ultimate goal.
No one in the world could love you more than Antagonist.
Antagonist knows everything about you, does everything for you, because you are its reason of existence.
Don't fear Antagonist!
You are as perfect as it is merciless, you are as immortal as its apparent immortality.
Your capacity of understanding grows with its increasing power. Your power with its understanding.
Because Antagonist Is You!

Cross Tee Dark Jim Custom

  • Cross Tee Dark Jim

    Jim Bless You
    Limited Edition 01-33
    Uniquely Created in Istanbul
    Made in TURKEY
    Premium Tee for Killer Boys & Killer Girls
    Idol: Jim Morrison

  • Fabrics

    100% Tencel

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand Wash

    This garment has been developed with a sophisticated dye and print technique. 
    It may fade and change slightly in character and color with wash and wear.
    The handmade characteristic guarantees the uniqueness of each garment.